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stacey trenteseaux

soprano, artist, creative, mentor, artístepreneur

You've found a space where artistry, entrepreneurship, music, authentic personal expression, empathetic leadership, self-trust, and creative business management collide. I'm a singer, performer, artist, entrepreneur, teacher, mentor, coach, executive... friend, colleague, cheerleader...  I'm so fortunate to collaborate with amazing humans in all of these capacities.


If you can imagine us creating something together, I encourage you to explore my website and get in touch. I love helping people create dream projects, find better ways of communicating, integrate more creativity into their leadership and management styles, learn new business and entrepreneurship skills, and connect with other artists, businesspeople, coaches, and industry professionals who will invest in their personal and professional growth.

This site is growing and expanding, so come back and see if you find something new the next time! In the meantime, you'll find some recordings and performances, some basic information about me and what I offer, and ways to connect with me. Eventually, you'll see some client testimonials, maybe some more videos of special projects, hopefully more photos, and maybe even a blog entry here and there. 


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