soprano, künstlerin, creative, artistepreneur

kreativberaterin & kunstproduzentin

Stacey Trenteseaux is a performer, opera singer, coach, and creative consultant from Florida, currently living in Dresden, Germany. Her passion is helping people discover their WHY, embrace it, express it, and manifest it in their daily lives by bringing imagination, wisdom, creativity, and ingenuity into their job, family, cultural, artistic, and community endeavors. She currently works as a professional opera singer, creative consultant for Opera Mississippi and the Natchez Festival of Music, artistic manager for the International Performing Arts Institute, and private coach/teacher/mentor for professional artists, business owners, and young professionals. As a result of her collaborative work, her clients experience radical mindset transformations, clarity, more creativity, inspiration for new directions, confidence in their own personal expression, and the empowerment and determination necessary to take the steps of living abundantly joyful lives, realizing their goals, and manifesting their dreams.

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Looking for a coach, mentor, cheerleader on your creative path? At a transition in your life and need strategies, tools, & techniques to reflect, evaluate, and move into your next steps? Want personalized mentorship and coaching in personal expression and awareness, English, music, voice, or creativity? Trying to figure out WHY you do what you do or discover more meaningful ways to live your purpose? Developing a creative project and need consultation, professional advice, and strategies to make your dream a reality?

It would be privilege to escort you on this part of your journey. Connect with me for a phone call or video chat. Let's discover YOU and find your total, complete, authentic, transparent, incredible expression of yourself in everything you do: from auditions, concerts, art, & performance, to resumes, interviews, work, & business ventures, to special projects, ministry, family, friends, & community.

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